What exactly is HFCS? It is a caloric sweetener derived from corn syrup. It is created through a chemical process, which converts glucose found in corn syrup, into fructose. HFCS has been called a “natural sweetener” by its makers because it is made from corn but it is highly processed and not grown in its current form in a field somewhere; besides that the FDA doesn’t define the word “natural” anywhere in their agency.

HFCS contains the same amount of fructose as cane sugar and honey and provides the same number of calories. But there is a major difference in this processed fructose/glucose. These compounds are different than the naturally present glucose and fructose found in sugar and honey and our bodies react to HFCS because doesn’t satisfy hunger urges which then can lead to more consumption and more fat storage.

One of the major items of concern is when 15%-25% of daily calories are derived from either HFCS or sucrose, fructose increases blood triglyceride levels which increases the cardiovascular risk to humans when it is consumed over time.

Fructose does not stimulate the secretion of insulin or leptin, the hormone that triggers the sense of fullness. High intake levels of fructose can fail to depress gherlin, an appetite stimulating hormone, which means that people don’t feel satiated and this can lead to overeating and weight gains.

This caloric intake grows as HFCS is present in almost all processed foods.

The point is to eat less sugar of all kinds. Eat more whole foods. Be balanced with real proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and fats and consume fewer processed and fast foods.

Do this and we will all live our lives in wellness.

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information resources: IDEA Health & Fitness Association and American Council on Exercise



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