Everyone should be aware that osteoporosis is a serious threat to everyone’s wellbeing. What many do not realize is that it starts when we are all younger and shows up decades later. Here are a few strategies to increase bone mineral density and to maintain your bone health for your entire life.

Exercise is a key element in keeping your bone density intact. Here are a few of the most important types of exercises to have in your fitness routine to preserve your bone health. --THIS IS WHERE WE CAN HELP THE MOST --

• Weight bearing exercise during adolescence before skeletal
   maturity is reached
• High intensity resistance exercise
• Resistance exercise that focuses on the muscles of the
   lumbar spine and interior/posterior hip regions
• Plyometic exercise (box jumps, depth jumps, leg bounding)
• Emphasis on movement in varying directions

Nutrition is the other key in keeping your bone density: (consult your physician for the correct amounts for you)

• 1000 mg of calcium per day for women aged 19-50 years
  1200 mg per day for women over 50 years
• 400 IU vitamin D per day for women aged 19-50 years
   600-800 IU per day for women over 50 years
• Adequate caloric intake to meet metabolic needs

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information resources: IDEA Health & Fitness Association and American Council on Exercise



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